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tv   BBC World News  PBS  May 28, 2010 11:30pm-11:59pm EDT

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setback as the minister admits wrongly claiming tens of thousands of pounds and expenses. a promise from the president will get whatever it takes to help tackle the massive gulf of mexico oil spill. pakistan police hunt for the people that killed 80 people in attacks. welcome to bbc news broadcast of yours on pbs in america. and others around the world. the un agreed to hold a conference to address weapons of mass destruction in the middle east. and it will face the national club instead of heading to europe. welcome.
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the u.k.'s chief secretary to the treasury has admitted paying tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money in rent to his longtime partner. it says the liberal democrat claims more than 40,000 pounds over eight years. he has apologized and promised immediately to pay back the money, and has referred himself to the parliamentary standards commissioner. he said that he regrets the situation briefly -- greatly, and he apologized fully. he added, at no point do i consider myself and breach of the rules. we did not treat each other as spouses. the prime minister has been made aware of the situation, and he agrees with the decision to the
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parliamentary standards commissioner. >> dave is one of the most important figures in the government. his job as defined the public spending cuts that are going to get the deficit down, bring public finances back to health, so these allegations that surfaced in the telegraph newspaper are potentially very serious for him. in a statement tonight, he accepts money that he then transferred it to his partner who owns the properties where he was living. that shouldn't have happened. he is promising to pay the money back immediately and is referring himself to a parliamentary commissioner for investigations. he has apologized as well for what has happened. under the rules, and peas can claim expenses for a second
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home, but the system has now been changed substantially. back in 2006, the rules made it pretty clear that they were not allowed to pay their partners these expenses for things like rent. at issue here is the definition of "partner." in his interpretation, it was that meant spouse, somebody you shared things like a bank account or had a similar social life. he said the man he now reveals is his partner he did not considered to be a spouse. that is the essence of his defense. he never wanted to reveal this relationship. he had a right to keep his sexuality and the nature of his relationships private. he has now had to reveal a because of the story that has emerged in this way. david cameron says that he is
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right to refer himself for investigation, there is no doubt that he, a liberal democrat, faces a very uncomfortable weekend. >> president obama has promised americans that they will get whatever they need to tackle the massive oil spill. during a visit to louisiana to assess the damage, he ordered the tripling of manpower in places where the oil has or is threatening to wash ashore. bp says they have made some progress in stemming the flow of oil. the north american editor since this report from louisiana. >> a the president stares at to see, looking at what he calls an assault on the shores of america, a nightmare that threatens people's dreams. >> this is what they're talking about. >> he is literally getting his hands dirty, watching this
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disaster. he examines the latest device they're using to keep oil offshore. a number of people dealing with this bill tripled, bp order to make swift payments to those out of work. but he took responsibility. >> as i have said before, bp is a responsible party. that means they're legally responsible for stopping the lake and financially responsible for the enormous damage they have created. we're going to hold them accountable with any other party responsible for the initial explosion and a loss of life on that platform. as i said yesterday, and as i repeated in the meeting that we just left, i ultimately take responsibility for solving this crisis. i am the president, and the buck stops with me. >> they called out the national guard, and the tubing is meant to act as a damn.
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the confusion about who is in charge, bp paid for the cleanup and hired civilian >> there are assisting. >> of this operation? yes, sir. >> only bp has the equipment and expertise to carry out the up ok -- operation. it makes talking about being in charge complicated. >> is probably least another 48 hours before we can have confidence that we have succeeded. we have said all along that we rated as a 60%-70%. that has not changed. >> there is a mounting sense of frustration, and some of it as aimed at the president. nothing specific, but just that he has not shown leadership. today, he tried to counter that.
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>> for the latest, i am joined by our correspondent ally as in louisiana where the committee there has been severely affected by this disaster. -- where the community there has been severely affected by this disaster. >> they just want the oil to stop, is that simple. but we have noticed a sheen of oil, it becoming more prevalent here. president obama saying that he is now in charge, the buck stops with him and he is responsible. ultimately, he can't do much about what is happening a mile below the ocean waves where it is in the hands of bp engineers. we won't know whether that has been a success or failure until something like sunday night. people have seen the mood change
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your last couple of weeks. it was a center resilience, people said things to me like, we got there hurricane katrina, we can get to this. now, there is a sense of impatience, frustration, and anger. >> is it focused on the president himself? >> what people here really feel is that he has not really stepped forward as a leader to take charge of the situation. he admits this himself, he thought that bp would soar the problem out and waited for them to do that. they failed in one attempt after another, and they're saying there is only a 70 percent chance at best it will work. he has stepped into the foreground saying that this is his responsibility. all the ballet, he has at the mercy of these engineers because the federal government can't take over the operation.
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engineers have never worked in conditions like these. they have never tried to solve a situation like this, and they're pouring money into the hole and doing things like putting golf balls and old tires, very simple science to solve a complex problem. >> our correspondent speaking to us from louisiana. pakistan's security forces are searching for militants that fled after attacking a couple of mosques. the targeted an islamic sect. they blew themselves up with suicide vests. officials have now secured both buildings. when our report on a day of bloodshed. >> on the streets, chaos and terror. security forces moving in after brazen attacks in broad
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daylight on worshipers gather for a friday prayer. the targets were members of a minority sect, they were sprayed with bullets as they prayed. police commandos battle with the attackers armed with assault rifles, explosives, and hand grenades. those that could ran for their lives. this government reached the top, firing on those below. extraordinary scenes, even for a city is getting used to bloodshed and fear. and for this woman, the trauma of loved ones trapped inside the mosque under siege. in a hospital, we met one of the survivors. he was hit by three bullets and witnessed the killing of a young boy who just wanted to give his father some water. >> he was offering him water. while he was drinking, these
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people came and shot him. i thought they were [unintelligible] >> it seems no one was baird. killed for their faith in a country already awash with blood. all around us is the evidence of the attack. one suicide bomber came to this position before blowing himself up. you can see how powerful his explosive device was. over here, the metal has been mangled and the wall has been marked by the ball bearings. and was the cause the maximum possible devastation, and that was the result. >> there are issues that will never be reclaimed, and many are wondering who the militants will come for next.
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>> still to come, hollywood actor gary coleman that died -- has died at the age of 42. >> china has weighed in on the crisis on the korean peninsula. speaking, the chinese premier condemned any attempt to destabilize the regime -- region. they blame north korea for the sinking of a south korean warship. >> from this summit comes a hint that china may be moving slowly and carefully towards the south korean position. north korea stands accused of attacking in sinking this worship two months ago. backed by experts from a number of countries, they say the
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evidence is overwhelming. there is concern in the south that china was preparing to protect its allies. these demonstrators are calling for beijing to come off of the fence. china won't protect anybody. it will be seen as a positive step, but perhaps only a small one. they also said that china will need more time to examine the evidence of north korea's involvement before making a judgment. >> the ties run deep. and with good reason, china fears provoking the cold war neighbor. but modern wealthy south korea is now an important trading partner. and they're beginning to see north korea as a liability, not
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an asset. and they're just it might be signs of that here. these men appeared to be moving even closer, and that would be very bad news for north korea indeed. >> you're watching bbc news. britain's coalition government is facing its first setback, the treasury secretary clinton's of thousands of pounds and expenses. at present obama promises to do whatever it takes to help people affected by the oil slick in the gulf of mexico. pakistan police are searching for people according to the tax on a couple of mosques. a major u.n. conference has ended by proposing more talks to discuss banning weapons of mass destruction across the middle east.
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israel is the only state and i cannot sign the treaty. american officials said this would not change until there was peace there. i spoke to our correspondent who is at the united nations and asked her what has been agreed on. >> was agreed was not to set up a nuclear-free weapons out in the middle east tomorrow. they will have a conference in 2012 for discussions with only just began on how the zone might be set up. all the states of the region should attend, and that includes iran and israel. is very difficult to get this agreement, because it is believed there is only one nuclear weapon state in the middle east, israel. they're not a member of the non- proliferation treaty, and this was eight non-proliferation treaty conference. the americans were very heavily involved in negotiations, and
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they saw agreement on this as essential to keep the wider conference on nuclear disarmament and protection from failing. they agreed to the proposal in the end, but did not like the fact that israel was the only state named in this particular section of the agreement. they said they regretted that, and it might jeopardize efforts to hold a good judgment. israel, and singled out, might be reluctant to attend. >> is this a crucial step forward? >> look at what was happening here at the u.n. over the last month. and this middle-aged proposal was just one of many. this treaty has been in crisis for the past 10 years. it is the cornerstone of efforts to eventually eliminate them. the nuclear weapons states have had very deep divisions among
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them, they've not been able to come to agreement on how to move the tree for word. it is very important that all of them come to a consensus agreement on this treaty. and the fact that the middle east proposal was a big part of getting them there, it is not a revolutionary agreement. the fact they were able to agree is quite a big success. it has affirmed the treaty and restored the architecture for nuclear disarmament. >> the man accused of murdering three women has described himself in court as the campbell. he gave the reply when he was asked his name by a magistrate. his charge is killing three women who all work as prostitutes.
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>> outside bradford magistrate early this morning, every prison van attracted attention, photographers looking for an image of an alleged serial killer. 40-year-old stephen griffith stood to give his personal details. he was asked his name. there is a gasp from the public gallery when he said the crossbow cannibal. when an as for his address, he said, here, i guess. the women he is accused of murdering were driven away by police, family, and liaison officers. they'll work as prostitutes, described by her family as a bright, articulate girl. she trained to be a nurse in struggled with drug problems. she had three children and two
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grandchildren. she also suffered from epilepsy and was receiving help to get off of heroin. another one was said to be a much loved daughter and sister. she also had drug and alcohol problems. they had this to say about her. >> [unintelligible] >> at the huge investigation continues. along with skips for removing debris. it is understood the work here is said to take many days. >> this huge pile of undergrowth gives you some idea of how much work was actually being done here today as police take apart the backyard. the other people living in this apartment block are trying to
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carry on within normal lives. >> one of the bodies was found here, but there is still no trace of the other two. this afternoon, he appeared before a judge. the brief hearing was followed by people shouting abuse as a the was driven away. it is far from over. >> the star of the 1970's said, " -- sitcom "diff'rent stro kes," gary coleman died after being ill for some time. >> he had kidneynted for his std
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growth, but that was a trademark of his career. he was a child star that really catapulted him to stardom. he had a very quick wits, and i got to know him a little bit about five years ago. this was many years after different strokes and was working for comedy radio station. he was one of those people that if he said something very straight face, he would see the comedy in it in st. -- shoot straight back at you with a joke. that was the hallmark of his comedy and the hallmark of his acting. >> his role was considered particularly groundbreaking at the time. >> he played it one of two african-american brothers who had been adopted by wealthy white family. in the late 1970's, 1980's, this was groundbreaking television. it was family television, and
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proved to be extremely popular. he didn't really follow it up with anything the hugely successful. he had roles in tv shows and some of these, and he was most recognized and american television for being in commercials. >> they won the world cup more time than any other nation and produce some of the world's best football players. they have had high salaries and the glamour of europe. the hottest talent is coming home. here's the report. >> they're getting ready for the world cup, not the one in south africa, but the one here in 2014. this is the stadium. they are expanding it to 68,000 seats, and they are hoping it will post the opening game. there is an awful lot of work
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with the ip boxes, and brazil has discovered in order to be a successful world cup host and a great football nation, you need more than just talent and enthusiasm. there is hardly a flat surface that doesn't get home -- dreaming of their escape. >the boys in blue and purple shorts -- that have the fancy footwear of a superstar. like so many players, it is his fortune. the talent drain of brazilian football has reached epic proportions. ask the fans. we went to the stadium to see flamingo who has the biggest fan base and brazil.
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>> having learned their trade, they go abroad to europe, attracted by the money and the glamour of clubs there. can the improving economy lower those players back home? >> all of them in the team's colors. >> companies have invested a lot, so it is a good opportunity for a brazilian players. >> the case in point, you may have seen him play for manchester city. these days, the prodigal son has returned home. here he his fool around with the new boy in a watch and brazil.
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they're both part of their rare breed, brazilian football stars to play in brazil. the man in the white jersey is very happy. >> there is more money available to pay the athletes, and that is what is making it possible for them to come back, and others to maintain the same. >> they hope to follow in the footsteps of their team. they also follow the money to europe. if local football can improve itself, by the time the host the world cup, the gain could be europe's loss. >> stay with us, your watching bbc news. -- you are watching bbc news. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports.
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